So I see that you’re interested in learning more about me – aw shucks, don’t make me blush.

Just to state the obvious, my name is Emma Joy. Well, to be completely honest, Joy is my middle name. Perhaps it’s best not to disclose the entire thing – at least for now.

Also, just so you know; ‘Emjoyfitness’ can be interpreted as both short for ‘Emma Joy Fitness’ or ‘Enjoy Fitness’

I’m nineteen years old and have called Australia ‘home’ for my entire existence. One morning in May 2014, I decided that I would start making drastic changes to my lifestyle. This is where my journey began. By the time October 2014 rolled around, I had lost 10kg (22pounds) – which roughly equates to 6 months of hard work. I continued on to reach a total loss of 17kg (37 pounds) by May 2015 – my one year mark. At one point afterwards, I became unhealthily obsessed with the numbers on my scales and from there-on out, decided to stop weighing myself. Currently, I’m just doing my best to maintain the weight I lost – but with the ultimate goal of building some muscle in the process.

And now, the part where I showcase my “Before and After” or rather, progress pictures.

Emjoyfitness progress weight loss photo Emjoyfitness progress weight loss photo

Ps: If you want some advice on taking good comparison pictures, give this post a read.

My journey is still not over – and I hope that it never will be. There’s a lot more progress that I hope to achieve in the future, and also many things I have yet to learn.


I have also set up a shop where those who live an active lifestyle can purchase jewelry that showcases their achievements and journeys. As many of you will be aware of already!


Disclaimer: Articles on this website are written using knowledge acquired mostly via my own experiences and research. Any content, whether written or otherwise is not meant to substitute the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.