How to look fab while working out

None of us expect to look like supermodels while we’re slaving away at the gym. But looking good during your workout can actually help boost confidence, therefore helping you work harder and get better results. I find that looking my best whilst I’m sweaty provides a nice dollop of extra motivation – almost as good as listening to a banger pump-up song.

Here area few ways to make sure you’re always looking fab while hitting the gym.

Dress To Impress

One of the most common ways to boost your confidence in the gym is of course, choosing the right outfits! When choosing active wear, it is important to find something you’re completely comfortable in. It’s best to find workout clothes that suit your body type, personality and taste in fashion. There’s a great quiz over at Fabletics where you can figure all of that out. After completing this quiz, 3 outfits are selected for you based on your responses. If you happen not to like what you see though, it is possible to look throughout the entire website to find that winning outfit you absolutely LOVE.

Take the Quiz here



Here’s me in a workout bra/top that I absolutely cannot live without. It just so happens to also be from fabletics too! And of course, my confidence is always boosted when I’m wearing my favorite workout gear.


Make Sure That Your Body Can Breathe

To put it bluntly, sweat patches aren’t the best accessory for any outfit. Luckily though, these are easily avoidable. Make sure to avoid wearing clothes made of cotton if you are heading out for a run or intense workout, as this type of  material absorbs heat and moisture, making it cling to your skin. Instead, go for clothes made from lightweight, breathable materials such as polyester, nylon and spandex. Fabletics – as mentioned above, carries outfits that are perfect to keep sweat stains at bay.

And of course, use an antiperspirant before starting your workout!


OK, so you probably should not wear your best pair of dangly earrings or a flashy necklace down to the gym (In fact, i strongly advise against this – jewelry can’t be both dangerous, and get in the way!)

However, accessorizing your outfit with some unique (and useful) gear such as decorative water bottles, activity trackers, sports watches or colorful towels and gym bags are a great way to add some personality and fun to your look!

Go For Color

Even if exercising is the best part of your day, we all have those moments where we just can’t get ourselves motivated or in the right frame of mind to work out. One days when you’re feeling lacking in energy or enthusiasm, I suggest investing in some vibrant workout gear – It’ll help brighten your workout, and your mood!

Simply pair a colorful top with some slimming black tights for the perfect fun workout look. You can even add vibrant shoes and accessories to the mix.

Opt For An Updo

Girls, no matter how much you love wearing your hair down, trust us, at the end of an energetic workout or run, you are not going to love this look quite so much. To keep your hair neat, groomed and out of your face while you are working out, go for an updo such as a high ponytail, ponytail braid or bun. To make sure it is completely out of the way (and to prevent it from getting sweaty) you could complete the look with a cotton hair band.

Wear Natural Makeup

While many ladies think bare-faced is the best way to go when working out, some of us need a bit of extra confidence to spur us on. For a flawless yet fresh-faced complexion, opt for a light base of tinted moisturiser or mineral foundation. Mineral makeup is particularly good for those with oily or acne-prone skins as it will help to reduce shine and provide coverage without blocking pores. Pair this with waterproof mascara and some tinted lip balm for a natural look.

Blot Away Shine

There’s nothing like an oily, sweaty complexion for spoiling your look while working out, but luckily these problems are easily fixable. To blot away shine and cool down while you are at the gym, take a bottle of water and towel and try blotting your face with the dampened towel during your workout. Alternatively, try a sports sponge, such as those by Ramer or Konjac. These absorbent and cleansing sponges can be kept moist in their containers for a refreshing wipe as you exercise.

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